Build messenger with chat and video calling using QuickBlox API and SDK

QuickBlox: QuickBlox provides an instant messaging API that allows chat and calling functionality to be added to any Android, iOS, or Web application.

Here, we will look into the quick implementation of Chat functionality.

Requirements for QuickBlox Flutter SDK

  1. For IOS Platform version required 13.0.
  2. For the Android Platform, the minimum version is 5.0, and the API level is 21.
  3. Flutter required minimum version is 2.12.0.

Step 1: Register with QuickBlox through

Click on the New App button. Set app details and company details.

Once you are done with creating app, go to Dashboard > Your App -> Overview section and note down below values

  • Application ID
  • Authorization Key
  • Authorization Secret
  • Account Key

Install QuickBlox SDK into the flutter application

To create a new Flutter chat messaging app with QuickBlox SDK from scratch, follow these steps:

This file is located in the root project directory => dependencies section.

Your app requires adding some specific permissions to access the camera, microphone, internet, and storage permissions.

To configure chat functionality, add permissions below:

To configure video chat functionality, add permissions below:

Add permissions For iOS

If you want to use video calling functionality in the background mode, Check the below checkboxes.

You need to authorize your app on the server side so, log in to your account and create a session. To get it all done, call QB.auth.login method and pass login and password parameters

To subscribe to message events call method, and pass dialogId, eventName, data parameters.

Unsubscribe to new messages event

To make and send your first message, call method and specify the dialogId and messageBody to it. Pass the saveToHistory parameter if you want this note to be saved in a conversation record that is kept forever.

Apart from Chat, you can do much more with QuickBlox like Voice and Video Calling, Video Conferencing, Push notifications, and many more.

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Originally published at on July 13, 2022.



intforce software is software service company and providing complete IT solution with fresh perspective.

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Intforce Software

intforce software is software service company and providing complete IT solution with fresh perspective.