Salesforce Shots: Access Salesforce Data Outside Salesforce using API

  • Create a connected app inside our Salesforce org, which orgs data we want to access. Please refer to the below screenshot to create a connected app.
  • After creating the connected app, we must click on the “Manage Connected App Details” button for Client id & Client secret.
  • Now we have the client id and client secret so, we pass it as a parameter into the Postman app/web along with username, password, grant type, and corresponding values using POST method and along with salesforce login URL
  • After performing the above steps, we will get an access token along with other credentials like instance URL, Signature, etc. To access the data of salesforce like a record of sObject we need to use previously gotten instance URL and append services, data, v55.0(API version), sObject then name of the desired sObject, Like https://instance_url/services/data/v55.0/sobjects/Account(sObject Name). After that, we must use that token in the header as authorization and the token come with the Bearer keyword as value, for detail please refer to below screenshot.
  • If we want to create, update, or delete a record from Postman and it should be done inside the connected salesforce org then we must write the required field’s name along with its value in different formats like JSON, etc. One thing to be noticed here apart from creating a record we need to append the record id in the URL to successfully perform an update, delete, etc operations. For these operations, we will have methods like GET, POST, PATCH.



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